Jonas Hellborg Group: Look




Jonas Hellborg (bass, MIDI bass)


Jonas Hellborg Group (Day Eight Music 025)

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Jonas Hellborg (bass, MIDI bass),

Anders Nord (bass), Jaime Salazar (drums)


Composed by Jonas Hellborg


Recorded: New York, August 1990


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Never expect the expected from Hellborg. It is one of the reasons he is one of the more fascinating bassists from the last few generations. It is also one of the reasons he is not better known. You can't keep going against the grain all the time and expect commercial acceptance. It's tough enough to get publicity just being a bassist. But Hellborg keeps pushing beyond the parameters. "Look" is a perfect example.

Long before this album's release, Hellborg had been showing the listening classes that electric bass guitar could be put to more use than just for the basics. Stanley Clarke and other bass progenitors had proved the instrument could be a melodic center and carry a tune very well, thank you. But Hellborg took the bass into exotic locales. He was a gear head who tinkered with its sounds and harmonics to make his music Indian, Middle Eastern, Nordic you name it.

On "Look," Hellborg decided there was not enough bass in the music! He added Anders Nord on a bass of his own. Twisted harmonics open the tune. Thudding machine-gun riffs come at us double-barreled. Hellborg plays a bass solo as fast as John McLaughlin plays guitar. Salazar keeps the ammo coming. We are transported for a brief moment to the pyramids. The bullets fly again. We must find a place to hide. Quick, behind the Sphinx!

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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