Nicholas Payton: Fleur de Lis


Fleur de Lis


Nicholas Payton (trumpet)


Into The Blue (Nonesuch 439100)

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Nicholas Payton (trumpet),

Kevin Hayes (piano, Fender Rhodes), Vicente Archer (bass), Marcus Gilmore (drums), David Sadownick (percussion)


Composed by Nicholas Payton


Recorded: New Orleans, released 2008


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

After deliberately establishing the beat with Gilmore's clear and sustained cymbal and snare work on the opening, the liquid, languid lines of Nicholas Payton are featured on this self-penned composition. Payton creates an otherworldly feel by squeezing the barest breath of sound out of his sparse and deliberate trumpet musings. Hayes's lightly keyed Fender Rhodes adds to the ethereal quality as Gilmore, Archer and Sadownick effortlessly keep the rhythm moving. It is Payton's deliberately stylized sound that is spell inducing in its floating quality and lack of sensationalism. The music has a trancelike effect, keeping you in a groove that is both comfortable, lyrical and at the same time probing and textural. This laid-back approach by no means lacks appeal. The music coddles you into its own transfixing cocoon in a most enjoyable way.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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