Mike Melvoin: This Is the Place


This Is the Place


Mike Melvoin (piano)


It's Always You (City Light 52)

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Mike Melvoin (piano), Steve Gilmore (bass), Bill Goodwin (drums).

Composed by Arthur Hamilton & Mike Melvoin


Recorded: Norton's Corner, NJ, September, 2002


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

"This," said a feverish Brigham Young upon glimpsing Utah's Salt Lake Valley in 1847, "is the place." Having led an exodus from religious persecution through a desert, the Mormon Moses recognized the promised land even from his sickbed in a covered wagon. Mike Melvoin's liltingly lyrical waltz "This Is the Place" aptly captures the quiet optimism of attaining a long-held goal, tempered by the sacrifices required to meet it. Although marred by an obligatory jazz piano-trio bass solo that sucks nearly 1˝ minutes of air to no appreciable purpose beyond padding the bassist's résumé, this track is overall quite lovely.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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