Paul Whiteman: I'm Coming Virginia


I'm Coming Virginia


Paul Whiteman (leader)


Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra (EPM Musique 157642)

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Paul Whiteman (leader), Red Nichols (cornet solo),

Bing Crosby, Al Rinker & Harry Barris as The Rhythm Boys (vocals), Henry Busse, Teddy Bartell (trumpets), Wilbur Hall, Vincent Grande (trombones), Max Farley, Hal McLean, Chester Hazlett (clarinets, alto saxes), Charles Strickfaden (alto & baritone saxes), Harry Perrella (piano), Kurt Dieterle, Mischa Russell, Mario Perry (violins), Matty Malneck (violin, viola), Mike Pingitore (banjo), Gilbert Torres (guitar), Al Armer (bass), George Marsh (drums)


Composed by Will Marion Cook & Donald Heywood. Arranged by Matty Malneck


Recorded: New York, April 29, 1927


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Paul Whiteman, the 1920s' favorite bandleader, introduced jazz to millions. To critics and historians, however, popularity is anathema, and their backlash shredded Whiteman's reputation. Nowadays he's a joke. Online music provider Rhapsody, for example, while offering few of his tracks, sarcastically quips that Whiteman "could make Laurence [sic] Welk look like a crazed beatnik tripping the light fantastic on reefer and cough medicine." And since RCA has never shown Whiteman the comprehensive reissue respect accorded to fellow Victor artists Ellington and Waller, listeners are stuck with wisecracks. "I'm Coming Virginia" cannot by itself redeem Whiteman, but it trounces witless witticisms.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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