Terry Gibbs & Buddy DeFranco: South Dakota


South Dakota


Terry Gibbs (vibes) and Buddy DeFranco (clarinet)


Terry Gibbs & Buddy DeFranco Play Steve Allen (Contemporary 140892)

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Terry Gibbs (vibes), Buddy DeFranco (clarinet),

Tom Ranier (piano), Dave Carpenter (bass), Gerry Gibbs (drums)


Composed by Steve Allen


Recorded: Van Nuys, CA, September 3, 1998


Rating: 80/100 (learn more)

Jazz's Mount Rushmore

In the United States of Jazz, we'd revamp South Dakota's Mount Rushmore. Armstrong & Ellington are shoo-ins to replace Washington & Jefferson. But the other two slots are up for grabs. We'd nominate Terry Gibbs & Buddy DeFranco save for this track's unbecoming raggedness. By 1998, Terry & Buddy were in their mid-70s, having been musical pros for 60 years apiece and co-leaders of a quintet off and on for two decades. Yet their unisons sound like they were recorded in separate soundproof isolation booths left over from rigged 1950s TV quiz shows. So, to fill out Jazz's Mt. Rushmore, how about Billie Holiday and Miles Davis? Just picture Miles's "Shh" in granite 60 feet high!

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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