Medeski Martin & Wood: Bloody Oil


Bloody Oil


Medeski Martin & Wood


End of the World Party (Just In Case) (Blue Note 95633)

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John Medeski (keyboards), Chris Wood (bass), Billy Martin (drums).

Composed by John King, John Medeski, Billy Martin, Chris Wood


Recorded: Brooklyn, NY, 2003


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

Cheers to MMW for continually evolving their sound, be it by adding new keyboards or welcoming contributions from and collaborations with new musicians or producers. "Bloody Oil" is a new groove for the trio and is perhaps their closest connection to the experimental vamp jams of Miles Davis's early '70s fusion groups. Martin's sparse beat and Wood's droning bass leave a lot of space for Medeski's voyage into the realm of psychedelic sound and texture. His extensive array of keyboards is echoed, smeared, and morphed, creating a shifting backdrop that ultimately brings Wood's meaty bass to the foreground. Medeski is like a mad conductor with the Mellotron at his fingertips. The expansive, symphonic sounds he lures out of those keys can be downright wicked.

Reviewer: Matt Leskovic

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