Hilde Hefte: For Heaven's Sake


For Heaven's Sake


Hilde Hefte (vocals)


An Evening in Prague (Ponca Jazz Records PJRCD 111)

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Hilde Hefte (vocals),

Nisse Sandstrom (tenor sax), Egil Kapstad (piano), Bjorn Alterhaug (bass), Eyvind Watrien (drums), City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Mario Klemens


Composed by Elise Bretton. Arranged by Egil Kapstad


Recorded: Prague, Czech Republic, November 2006


Rating: 98/100 (learn more)

Norwegian chanteuse Hilde Hefte delivers an intimate, assured rendering of one of the most intricate and lovely ballads ever written. With a relaxed authority devoid of diva pretensions, her ethereal voice glides through Elise Bretton's intricate changes while Egil Kapstad's deceptively understated piano utilizes space to enhance rather than crowd his lush orchestral arrangement. Captured in a live session with the prolific Prague Philharmonic under the capable Mario Klemens, this is a recording to be savored in a private moment perfect for lovers in front of a fire on a chilly night. Personally, I can't wait to spend an evening or two in Prague.

Reviewer: Bill Barnes

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