Masada: Khebar






Live at Tonic 2001 (Tzadik 7334)

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John Zorn (alto sax), Dave Douglas (trumpet),

Greg Cohen (bass), Joey Baron (drums)


Composed by John Zorn


Recorded: live at Tonic, New York, 2001


Rating: 98/100 (learn more)

Masada, John Zorn's "radical Jewish" quartet, has been electrifying audiences with their arranged interplay for 15 years, and the extreme talents of all four members have led to some truly telepathic moments on stage. Many of these moments are captured on Live at Tonic, recorded at the Manhattan club that served as their home turf for many years. This track features all of the Masada traits Hebrew/Yiddish-inspired melodies written by Zorn (Masada's book features upwards of 500 compositions), collective improvisation from the Zorn/Douglas front line, full-band dynamic shifts at the drop of a hat, harmonic and melodic foundation supplied by Greg Cohen, and the sometimes subtle, sometimes (intentionally) bombastic percussion of Joey Baron. If you are unaware of Masada, this beguiling performance is an ideal place to start.

Reviewer: Eric Novod


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