Oleg Kireyev: Lullaby




Oleg Kireyev (soprano & tenor saxes, keyboards, vocals)


Mandala (Jazzheads JH1162)

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Oleg Kireyev (soprano & tenor saxes, keyboards, vocals),

Valery Panilov (guitar), Victor Matoukin (bass), Ildar Nafigov (drums), Ndiaga Sambe (congas)


Composed by Oleg Kireyev


Recorded: Moscow, Russia, released 2008


Rating: 79/100 (learn more)

Oleg Kireyev begins his "Lullaby" with a soft, almost pastoral lone saxophone voice with a Middle Eastern influence. Kireyev, who hails from Russia, then mixes in the sounds of undulating electronic keyboards, faintly echoed guitar, and slightly distorted vocals la Ursala Dudziak to create an otherworldly landscape. His use of synthesized keyboard morphs from flute to violin voicings, all the while building on this odd and somewhat quirky endeavor in sonic texturing. Hardly a traditional lullaby, the song moves from exploratory, ethereal drifting into a driving vamp over which Kireyev ventures unchallenged with a burst of ideas and energy on tenor sax. By this time, the band has abandoned all pretense of lulling anyone to sleep. Their driving beat reminds me of the rhythmic explorations of the German band Passport and Klaus Doldinger. With many disparate influences, their sound borders on jazz-fusion meeting Eastern folk music. Not for everyone, but certainly an interesting adventure in sound.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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