Alphonse Mouzon: Starting All Over Again


Starting All Over Again


Alphonse Mouzon (drums)


Jazz in Bel-Air (Tenacious Records Tenac 9214-2)

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Alphonse Mouzon (drums),

Sal Marquez (trumpet, flugelhorn), Chuck Manning (tenor sax), David Golblatt (piano), Dave Enos (bass)


Composed by Alphonse Mouzon


Recorded: live at Rocco in Bel-Air, CA, May 20, 2000


Rating: 78/100 (learn more)

Back in 2000, one-time Weather Report drummer Alphonse Mouzon assembled a group for a gig at a Bel-Air nightspot. The music was all written and arranged by Mouzon, and the crowd was very receptive, as attested by generous applause. Mouzon launches the album's most memorable song, "Starting All Over Again," with an almost familiar opening that seems borrowed from Miles Davis's "Milestones." The starting sax and trumpet duet is similar to Miles's tune but quickly veers off in a less satisfying direction. The music is taught, straight-ahead and well performed. But while it projects energy, it lacks anything new or exciting. I respect Mouzon's hard-driving work with some of the 1970s' most progressive fusion bands, but his heavy-handedness here during the lead solos distracts from the other players' explorations. Perhaps he sensed that their efforts lacked inspiration and therefore compensated. The crowd is nevertheless pleased, showering the band with praise. No doubt an enjoyable evening for Rocco's clientele, but hardly worth memorializing.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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