Bill Evans: Just You, Just Me


Just You, Just Me


Bill Evans (pianos (multi-tracked))


Conversations With Myself (Verve 821984)

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Bill Evans (pianos (multi-tracked)).

Composed by Jesse Greer & Raymond Klages


Recorded: New York, February 9, 1963


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

Bill Evans's idea for his 1963 Conversations With Myself sessions may have seemed like a perfect "concept" for this introspective artist. Instead of bringing in a band for the date, Evans would play multiple piano parts, blended together through the miracle of studio overdubbing. But what seems like a good idea in theory turns into an exercise in jazz solipsism. This track, like many of the other performances from this project, sounds too busy, and the thick textures of the over-layered piano parts negate two of Evans's greatest virtues: his use of space and the open, uncluttered clarity of his phrases. The song itself, a lilting Jazz Age standard from 1929, doesn't help. Its simple and bouncy attitudes are not a good fit with this deep and moody musician. If you want to hear Evans without a band, check out the Alone LP from 1968 or "Reflections in D" from his 1978 New Conversations release before dipping into this LP.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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