Shirley Horn: Here's to Life


Here's to Life


Shirley Horn (vocals)


Here's to Life (Gitanes Jazz/Verve 314 511 879/2)

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Shirley Horn (vocals), Alan Broadbent (piano),

Chuck Domanico (bass), Harvey Mason (percussion), Richard Todd (French horn solo) with symphony orchestra


Composed by Artie Butler & Phyllis Molinary. Arranged by Johnny Mandel


Recorded: Hollywood, CA, 1991


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Uncharacteristically, Shirley Horn's not accompanying herself on piano here. Instead she has the lushly responsive company of the great arranger/conductor Johnny Mandel. With a full orchestra wrapped around her lush, smoky contralto, she goes at her own singular tempo, delivering each word of "Here's to LIFE, here's to LOVE, here's to YOU" with anthem-like intimacy. It's a deep, wee-hours conversation with a beloved friend about everything that really matters. Small wonder Miles Davis, to whom this album is dedicated, was a devoted Horn fan. Miss Horn passed in 2005, leaving us with music to last for the ages.

Reviewer: Andrew Velez

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