Julie Hardy: On the Verge


On the Verge


Julie Hardy (vocals)


The Wish (World Culture Music WCM00003)

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Julie Hardy (vocals),

Sam Sadigursky (tenor sax), Randy Ingram (piano), Matt Clohesy (bass), Kendrick Scott (drums)


Composed by Julie Hardy


Recorded: Brooklyn, NY, October 2006


Rating: 98/100 (learn more)

It's beyond cliché to use the term "musician's singer," but in the case of Brooklyn-based vocalist/composer Julie Hardy, it's entirely appropriate – even necessary. In this time-bending composition, she skirts the outer reaches of the modal jazz universe, yet nothing feels contrived or out of place. Eschewing lyrics altogether, her lovely voice pilots the listener through alternate measures of 10/8, 7/8 and 9/8, ghosting over an intriguing juxtaposition of Lydian-augmented chords set against the occasional contrarian bassline. From such an astral launching platform, the soloists absolutely soar; Sadigursky's tenor sax and Ingram's piano go orbital with clarity and economy. As difficult as it is to push the limits without sounding confused, angry or illogical, Julie Hardy succeeds admirably, creating a paradoxical tonal sculpture both alien and familiar. "On the Verge" is just that, without going over the edge.

Reviewer: Bill Barnes

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