Jon Herington: Kernel of Truth


Kernel of Truth


Jon Herington (guitar, vocals)


Pulse and Cadence (ESC 03726-2)

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Jon Herington (guitar, vocals),

Ralph Bowen (soprano sax), Jim Beard (keyboards), Victor Bailey (bass), Peter Erskine (drums), Arto Tuncboyaciyan (percussion, vocals)


Composed by Jon Herington


Recorded: Stamford, CT, June 1992; released 2008


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

This outing was originally recorded in 1992 and released only in Japan under the title The Complete Rhyming Dictionary. The band features two members of Weather Report, Peter Erskine and Victor Bailey. This was important to Herington as he wanted to honor the sound of that band.

African rhythms usher in "Kernel of Truth." Beard provides a background of textures as Herington goes slightly bluesy. Within a minute, the preliminaries are dispensed with. Herington offers a grinding fusion solo. Ralph Bowen, sounding like Bill Evans (sax), plays a pleasing passage. Beard's synthesizer keyboards become a more dominant background before the band drops into a short funk-leaning groove as the song fades out. Weather Report, of course, did not feature a guitarist. This added element produces a sound different than Weather Report's. But the spirit is retained. "Kernel of Truth" is a good approximation of an above-average fusion song of the early '90s.

In recent years, Herington has turned more to pop, including a stint with Steely Dan. But his prodigious jazz chops, in evidence even with Steely Dan, are not to be overlooked.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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