Brazilian Trio: Tarde




The Brazilian Trio


Forests (Zoho ZM200806)

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Helio Alves (piano),

Nilson Matta (bass), Duduka Da Fonseca (drums)


Composed by Milton Nascimento


Recorded: Brooklyn, NY, May 22-23 and September 24, 2007


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

Milton Nascimento is a vocalist extraordinaire as well as a composer of haunting melodies. With "Tarde," the Brazilian Trio pays respect to this icon of Brazilian music and one of their own in a delicate and thoughtful rendering of an enduring melody. Alves's stirring keyboard work is tastefully complemented by the minimalist bass of Matta and the rattlesnake drum work of Da Fonseca. My first hearing of this song was on Nascimento's fine work with Wayne Shorter on 1974's Native Dancer, where his voice lent a soaring urgency while retaining a paradoxical melancholic joy. That is less apparent in this piano trio version, but the pathos and sensitivity is well portrayed with a delicate dedication to the melody and a subdued improvisation that embellishes more than explores. The rhythm section is equally restrained, gently moving the tune along. Classic Brazilian music played by talented Brazilian artists in deference to their own musical traditions.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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