David Leonhardt: Yesterdays




David Leonhardt (piano)


Explorations (Big Bang Records BBR9577)

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David Leonhardt (piano),

Matthew Parrish (bass), Alvester Garnett, (drums)


Composed by Jerome Kern


Recorded: Stage Coach Studios, March 10-11, 2008


Rating: 82/100 (learn more)

David Leonhardt is an accomplished and lyrical pianist, and though he tackles some interesting choices on this album, he seems most comfortable and most vibrant on the tried and true standards. On this Jerome Kern classic, he and his able trio swing with an easy, dancing and playful swagger. Garnett lets loose with an explosion of cymbals and some penetrating rim shots adeptly placed. Parrish plucks in and around the time, and Leonhardt has a light airy touch that traverses the keyboard with a dance-like quality. His explorations are tasteful and driving, and his rhythm section responds accordingly as he builds to a climax. He ends in a crescendo of chords punctuated with a nice roll by Garnett at the end. A solid piece of straight-ahead piano trio work.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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