Jimmy Bruno: Jimmy's House


Jimmy's House


Jimmy Bruno (guitar)


Maplewood Avenue (Affiliated Artists 3415)

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Jimmy Bruno (guitar),

Tony Miceli (vibes), Jeff Pedras (bass)


Composed by Tony Miceli


Recorded: Philadelphia, PA, 2007


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

Like a luthier crafts an archtop guitar, from the headstock to the tailpiece this top-notch recording was built by Bruno. Jimmy chose his tonewoods carefully in Miceli and Pedras. This trio of jazz artisans can saw a swing as solid as ebony and plane it down to a smooth surface with éclat. They bridge bracing solos with adhesive comping on Miceli's fleet-noted head, shaped over the form of "I'll Remember April." With figure and flame, Jimmy's flawless fret work graces every grain of his signature Sadowsky. Recording in the sound chamber of Jimmy's house provided liberty to meticulously tap-tune this project until it resonated as intended. Inlaid with revealing character and bound with beautifully refinished compositions, this CD is custom-made for those who pine for fresh-cut jazz carved from the tree of tradition. There's choice wood and lots of chops on Maplewood Avenue.

Reviewer: Marissa Dodge

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