Gene Krupa: Disc Jockey Jump (1958)


Disc Jockey Jump


Gene Krupa (drums)


Gene Krupa Plays Gerry Mulligan Arrangements (Verve 2022)

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Gene Krupa (drums), Hank Jones (piano), Phil Woods (alto sax), Jimmy Cleveland (trombone), Frank Socolow (tenor sax), Doc Severinsen (trumpet), Ernie Royal (trumpet),

Al DeRisi, Al Stewart, Irving “Marky” Markowitz (trumpets), Willie Dennis, Urbie Green, Kai Winding (trombones), Sam Marowitz (alto sax), Eddie Wasserman (tenor sax), Danny Bank (baritone sax), Barry Galbraith (guitar), Jimmy Gannon (bass), Gerry Mulligan (conductor)


Composed and arranged by Gerry Mulligan


Recorded: New York, October 21-22, 1958


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

The first thing one notices in comparing this remake with Krupa's 1947 original is the much-improved sound. Stereo! What will they think of next? One also notices that the two tracks are practically the same length (3:10), meaning Gerry Mulligan's arrangement and its tempo were little changed. Unfortunately, the same must be said for Gene Krupa's Swing Era-style drumming, already dated in 1947 and scarcely modernized in the intervening 11 years. This is nevertheless a fun track. Mulligan's boppishly bouncy chart, written when he was only 19, remains the star. And considering that this was a studio pickup band, not a regularly working unit, the ensemble work is exceptional. As are the solos by Hank Jones, Phil Woods, Jimmy Cleveland, Frank Socolow and Doc Severinsen (or is that Ernie Royal?). The level of musicianship among 1950s New York studio guys was stellar.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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