Eddy Louiss & Michel Petrucciani: Jean-Philippe Herbien


Jean-Philippe Herbien


Eddy Louiss (organ) and Michel Petrucciani (piano)


Conférence de Presse (Dreyfus 36568)

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Eddy Louiss (organ), Michel Petrucciani (piano).

Composed by Eddy Louiss & Michel Petrucciani


Recorded: live at Petit Journal Montparnasse, Paris, June 14-16, 1994


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

No one can dispute that organ-piano duet recordings are a rarity, but could this actually be the one and only such coupling? Given how Louiss and Petrucciani inspire and complement each other, it's a wonder why. The individual for whom this 10-minute track is named must be one very spirited and soulful guy, if the playing here is any indication. Petrucciani's percussive, bluesy opening is backed by Louiss's rumbling bassline, and moves directly into the pianist's admirably sustained extended solo, marked by an insistent pulse, pounding riffs, two-handed unison passages and rollicking single-note lines. Louiss follows in similarly extroverted fashion, a far cry from his low-key work on the outstanding 1971 Stan Getz Dynasty release. The duo then engages in exciting exchanges, feeding off and chasing one another's animated statements, and at one point dabbling with "Billie's Bounce," which this blues theme resembles. Then Petrucciani becomes quietly reverent and Louiss responds in kind, as they dampen the dynamic level before a return to the appealing melody. The playing of both Louiss and the late, great Petrucciani on this and the other selections from these three invigorating nights in Paris (a Vol. 2 is also available) ranks with the best of their respective careers.

Reviewer: Scott Albin

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