Red Norvo: I Surrender, Dear


I Surrender, Dear


Red Norvo (xylophone)


Dance of the Octopus (Hep 1044)

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Red Norvo (xylophone), Jack Jenney (trombone), Artie Shaw (clarinet), Charlie Barnet (tenor sax), Teddy Wilson (piano),

Bobby Johnson (guitar), Hank Wayland (bass), Bill Gussak (drums)


Composed by Gordon Clifford and Harry Barris


Recorded: New York, September 26, 1934


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

This may be Red Norvo's date, but the stars on this track are trombonist Jenney and pianist Wilson. Jenney is a lyrical player who makes every note count. He is little remembered today, but in 1940 he won the Down Beat poll on his instrument, and this performance displays his melodic sensibility. Teddy Wilson's mere presence is noteworthy amidst this rare integrated band from 1934, but his swinging piano solo is more tangible evidence of why he was enlisted for the gig. This track is a step below the xylophonist's most celebrated work of the era -- Norvo newbies should first check out "In a Mist" or "Dance of the Octopus" -- but this is still a solid performance by one of the finest mid-1930s jazz ensembles.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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