Jim Hall: Frisell Frazzle


Frisell Frazzle


Jim Hall (guitar)


Dialogues (TelArc20 CD-83369)

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Jim Hall (guitar), Bill Frisell (guitar),

Scott Colley (bass), Andy Watson (drums)


Composed by Jim Hall


Recorded: New York, February 1995


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

On Dialogues, Jim Hall decided to record with some more contemporary artists as a means to stretch and stimulate his already formidable probing talents. Hall's composition "Frisell Frazzle" was penned with the iconoclastic Frisell specifically in mind. The two have an obvious mutual admiration, which shows in their splendid interaction. The tune's somewhat dissonant opening lines are voiced concurrently by both guitarists in what is a purely Frisellian inspiration. In the liner notes Hall says the song has "a zaniness to it," one man's interpretation of Frisell's unusual style that is seemingly always unpredictable. Hall solos first and, despite his usually laid-back cool sound, effortlessly approximates the spirit of his guitarist collaborator. When Frisell takes his turn, his twangy, country-inspired sound travels its own confoundedly distinct path. A nice foray into new grounds for a master of the cool school of electric jazz guitar. Zaniness at its best.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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