Jamie Baum: In Passing


In Passing


Jamie Baum (flute)


Solace (Sunnyside SSC1193)

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Jamie Baum (flute),

Ralph Alessi, Shane Endsley (trumpets, flugelhorns), Vincent Chancey (French horn), Doug Yates (alto sax, bass clarinet), George Colligan (piano), Johannes Weidemeuller (bass), Jeff Hirshfield (drums)


Composed by Jamie Baum


Recorded: Hampton, NJ, April 2-3, 2007


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

The beautifully synchronous playing of Baum and Endsley, on flute and trumpet respectively, is an unusual but potent front line for Baum's ethereal music, and the rhythm section's drone provides a perfect landscape onto which she applies her fluid musical pastels. Her tone is soft, and her delivery is languorous with a sensuous breathiness that never falters in pitch or direction. After Baum dances around with pianist Colligan's tasteful support, Weidemeuller takes his turn with an equally feathery bass solo backed by lightly applied piano chords and exquisitely subtle brushwork. Overall, this piece's atmospheric ensemble sound enables the composer to realize her vision. Baum has clearly assembled cooperative, likeminded musicians to help showcase her formidable compositional skills. A skillful offering that incorporates the flute as a poignant participant in an orchestral/chamber jazz setting.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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