Surinder Sandhu: Re-Visited




Surinder Sandhu (sarangi)


Cycles and Stories (Resonator RESO 103)

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Surinder Sandhu (sarangi),

Peter Brown (guitar), Dave Clarke (bass), Miles Levin (drums), R. N. Prakash (ghatam, khanjira, syllables), Beppa (percussion)


Composed by Surinder Sandhu


Recorded: Birmingham, England, Fall 2003


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Cycles and Stories is Sandhu's follow-up to his provocative Saurang Orchestra. It utilizes far fewer musicians, but contains the same energy and inspiration that helped propel the earlier album into the forefront of the "East meets West" musical movement. On the aggressive opener, "Re-Visited," Sandhu's sarangi sounds like a violin being played from the depths of a great cave. Inded, his low and deep karnatic strains give you a sense of spelunking in India's maximum caves. Of course, you are working your way back out and having a grand time doing it. Peter Brown's acoustic guitar is the perfect counterpoint to Sandhu, and they engage in a cross-cultural call and response that helps you follow the rope back. The percussionists' rhythms bounce off the sides of the walls. The light at the end of the cave is glimpsed, and the band kicks into an engaging riff that will have you hitting the repeat button after this joyous Indo-jazz tune ends.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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