Charlie Haden: Too Late


Too Late


Charlie Haden (bass)


The Ballad of the Fallen (ECM 1248)

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Charlie Haden (bass), Carla Bley (piano, glockenspiel), Paul Motian (drums),

Don Cherry, Michael Mantler (trumpets), Sharon Freeman (French horn), Gary Valente (trombone), Jack Jeffers (tuba), Steve Seagle (soprano & alto saxes, clarinet, flute), Jim Pepper (soprano & tenor saxes, flute), Dewey Redman (tenor sax), Mick Goodrick (guitar)


Composed by Carla Bley


Recorded: Ludwigsburg, Germany, November 1982


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

This 1983 release is the first reunion of the Liberation Music Orchestra, Haden's influential large ensemble that released its only previous record in 1969. This time combining traditional folk songs with original compositions from Haden and Carla Bley, Ballad of the Fallen is a more subdued, introspective release than its predecessor. "Too Late" features Haden and Bley in simple, striking dialogue for its first 5 minutes. All other musicians then enter to build to a climax throughout the remaining three minutes, and it is only at that moment does the listener realize that Haden and Bley had been gradually building intensity throughout their musical conversation. A delicate work of improvisatory art, which has come to be expected at the highest level on Charlie Haden's recordings.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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