Trilok Gurtu: Ballad For 2 Musicians


Ballad For 2 Musicians


Trilok Gurtu (percussion)


Crazy Saints (Creative Music Prod. CMP CD 66)

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Trilok Gurtu (percussion), Joe Zawinul (keyboards, keyboard bass, vocoder).

Composed by Josef Zawinul


Recorded: Zerkall, Germany, May-June 1973


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

Crazy Saints was another interesting project from Indo-jazz percussionist Gurtu. He surrounded himself with Western jazz musicians of the highest caliber, including on this track its composer Joe Zawinul. The breadth of these two musicians is heard in its full glory, with Zawinul absolutely masterful in this stunningly gorgeous performance. His synth allows him to be harmonica player, saxophonist, pianist, bassist and synthesizer player. His playing is so good that those synthesized instruments sound like the real thing. Big deal you say? That is what a synthesizer does! But a synthesizer does not include the phrasing. A saxophone or harmonica player phrases differently from a keyboard player. It takes great skill and knowledge to play synthesized tones so convincingly that we believe we are hearing a true representation. Zawinul is capable of doing that without using tricks. Gurtu accompanies Zawinul's intoxicating theme with his usual assortment of rhythm accoutrements. A well-placed clink or clack means the world in such a melodic exposition. Gurtu keeps the timekeeping to an absolute minimum, but his percussion accents create wonderful textures that will have you listening to both players with a joyful intensity.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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