Wayne Krantz: Alliance/Secrets




Wayne Krantz (guitar)


Two Drink Minimum (Enja Records)

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Wayne Krantz (guitar),

Lincoln Goines (bass), Zach Danziger (drums)


Composed by Wayne Krantz


Recorded: live at the 55 Bar, New York City, February-April 1995


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

June, 28, 2007 marked the conclusion of Wayne Krantz's nearly decade-long Thursday night residency at New York's 55 Bar. While the last few years of his stint saw a revolving door of jazz/rock studio legends sitting in with Krantz (drummers Anton Fig, Keith Carlock and Cliff Almond and bassists Anthony Jackson, James Genus and Paul Socolow), Krantz led two longstanding trios throughout his tenure: an experimental unit with drummer Keith Carlock and bassist Tim Lefebvre, and this first stable group with session great/ educator Lincoln Goines and then-youngster Zach Danziger.

Nearly all of Krantz's 55 Bar material was collectively improvised, relying only on brief melodic statements to bookend the rhythmic interaction between the three players. Krantz has gradually deemphasized scalar patterns in his playing and recently published a book (An Improviser's OS) mapping out the mathematical combinations associated with improvising on the guitar (sans common patterns). It is a fascinating book and even more fascinating music rock and jazz players with chops galore executing smart, complex, improvised music. This track features the under-noticed guitar master performing at a blistering pace.

Reviewer: Eric Novod

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