Ron Blake: Shades of Brown


Shades of Brown


Ron Blake (tenor sax)


Sonic Tonic (Mac Records MAC 1020)

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Ron Blake (tenor sax),

Josh Roseman (trombone), Michael Cain (piano, keyboards), Christian McBride (bass), Terreon Gully (drums)


Composed by Ron Blake


Recorded: New York, August 2004


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

Ron Blake is a featured artist on several recordings by other musicians because of his fiery and inspired playing. On this outing as a leader he shows his ability to compose, lead and play with distinction. Backed by the solid rhythm section of bassist McBride and drummer Gully, Blake's memorable riff-inspired tune develops nicely through its changes while never letting the theme leave the listener's ear. Roseman's tasteful trombone and Cain's astute comping are particularly effective in giving this song a dreamy, sauntering quality. Blake for his part imparts a smoothly executed and measured solo that simmers while never really coming to a boil, a bit anticlimactic since it seems like the perfect setting for him to wail. The song nonetheless works nicely as a sum of its parts.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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