Jamie Baum: Solace




Jamie Baum (flute)


Solace (Sunnyside SSC1193)

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Jamie Baum (flute),

Ralph Alessi, Shane Endsley (trumpets, flugelhorns), Vincent Chancey (French horn), Doug Yates (alto sax, bass clarinet), George Colligan (piano), Johannes Weidemeuller (bass), Jeff Hirshfield (drums)


Composed by Jamie Baum


Recorded: Hampton, NJ, April 2-3, 2007


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

With the brilliantly laid rhythmic foundation of Colligan's ostinato piano chording, Weidemeuller's throbbing bass and Hirshfield's feathery cymbal work, Alessi and Baum play a delightfully lyrical flugelhorn/flute duet that ascends along an undulating path. Baum's composition rides the breeze with the grace of a falling leaf. Tossed by the musical winds, its free fall is suspended for a time in a dance of immeasurable serenity and beauty. The twists taken by this complex melody line are both beautiful and poignant. Alessi solos with requisite tenderness, concentrating on tone with a reaching quality that demonstrates great sensitivity. The carefully arranged French horn, sax and trumpets, along with a complementary rhythm section, perfectly balance the soaring solos of Baum and Alessi. Despite being the composer, Baum plays an understated yet distinctive role, preferring to let the music take precedence over her own prominence. When she does solo, her notes glide as gently as a kiss blown across the room. Her fluidity and grace have classical undertones that enhance the composition's free-floating airiness. At the coda, the rhythm turns samba-like, with Alessi and Baum trading phrases in a playful back-and-forth ending. An uplifting piece of music.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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