Dave Brubeck and Jimmy Rushing: There'll Be Some Changes Made


There'll Be Some Changes Made


Dave Brubeck (piano) and Jimmy Rushing (vocals)


Brubeck & Rushing (Columbia/Legacy CK 65727)

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Dave Brubeck (piano), Jimmy Rushing (vocals), Paul Desmond (alto sax), Eugene Wright (bass), Joe Morello (drums).

Composed by Billy Higgins & W. Benton Overstreet


Recorded: New York, January 29, 1960


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

This performance erupts with joy right from the first bars of the rhythm section's introduction. Rushing's entrance sounds relaxed and perfectly in tune with his accompaniment, his great blues voice commanding the spotlight. The band sounds crisp and swings the hell off this 1922 chestnut, which was a #5 hit for Ethel Waters. Brubeck takes the first solo chorus followed by Desmond, and both get the job done in a spirited and concise manner. If I have a complaint about this gem it would be its brevity. It's over in 2:07, and I would have loved to hear everyone concerned stretch out some. Perhaps producer Teo Macero was looking for a hit single.

Reviewer: Frank Murphy

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