Tim Hagans: Over and Back


Over and Back


Tim Hagans (trumpet)


Alone Together (Pirouet PIT 3030)

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Tim Hagans (trumpet), Marc Copland (piano),

Drew Gress (bass), Jochen Rueckert (drums)


Composed by Marc Copland


Recorded: Munich, Germany, November 2006


Rating: 86/100 (learn more)

Having recently reviewed two Marc Copland albums, one of which featured Tim Hagans on trumpet, I'm hard-pressed not to consider Alone Together an extension of Copland's cerebrally evocative work, as opposed to Hagans's own unique offering, especially since Copland composed 4 of the CD's 7 cuts. To be fair, Hagans's smooth sound is pleasant and probing, and seems particularly suited to Copland's airy compositional skills. His instrumental enunciation is creative, even if his ideas at times challenge his technical facility. On the cleverly composed "Over and Back," the mood is set by Copland's ascending and descending melody lines, punctuated by a staccato duet break by Gress and Copland. Gress's subtle solo takes the syncopated turns with grace and harmonic interest. Hagans's slurring trumpet predominates in middle-register runs and darts around the pulsing rhythm carried effectively by a busy Ruckert on drums and Gress's throbbing bassline. Hagans here seems much more of an embellisher on the mood than a true improviser. Copland's solo turn is unusually sparse, yet manages to climb up and down the scales in unpredictable, interesting and delicate ways. Ruckert's husky polyrhythmic solo is marked by his cluttered but impressive use of the toms. The total package works surprisingly well and bears repeated listening.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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