Gustavo Assis-Brasil: The Same Day


The Same Day



Gustavo Assis-Brasil in Concert (Anamaria Records)

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Gustavo Assis-Brasil (guitar),

Jose Pienasola (bass), Mauricio Zottarelli (drums)


Composed by Gustavo Assis-Brasil


Recorded: live in Santa Maria, RS, Brazil, July 20, 2007


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Assis-Brasil is a guitar player we need to pay special attention to. He studied classical guitar in Brazil. Growing up, he was interested in all musical forms, but really developed a love for American jazz. He eventually came to the USA and studied at Berklee, where he received a master's degree in 2001.

"The Same Day" is the opening cut on Gustavo Assis-Brasil in Concert, which is a DVD/CD combo pack. Captured live before his hometown crowd in Santa Maria, Brazil, the CD is exactly the same music as on the DVD. The latter product, however, shows how easy Assis-Brasil makes it look stretching his fingers for some very difficult chords. Great guitarists can do that. (I am jealous.) He also plays some weird-looking guitars.

The first thing that grabs you about "The Same Day" is that, despite the names of the band members and the audience to which it is being played, this will not be a bossa nova. In fact, little if any Latin influence is heard. The chord-heavy music is part modal, part mainstream and full of dashes of bebop. Assis-Brasil has a vast array of chords at his disposal, and his use of them may be the strongest aspect to his playing. That is not to slight his single-note playing, which brings out the bebop influence previously mentioned. Many of his lines also show a similarity to the type of guitar playing John McLaughlin was doing on 1969's Extrapolation. But the "The Same Day" derives its identity from the imaginative chord progressions. The rhythm section also has its act together. Particularly impressive is Zotterelli's solo turn atop Assis-Brasil's beautiful complementary chords. Gustavo Assis-Brasil in Concert bespeaks the talents of a fantastic guitarist and promising composer. Keep an eye out for this guy.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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