Gregg Bendian's Trio Pianissimo: Ice Blue


Ice Blue


Gregg Bendian's Trio Pianissimo


Change (Aggregate AGC D004)

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Gregg Bendian (drums, percussion),

Steve Hunt (piano), John Lockwood (bass)


Composed by Gregg Bendian


Recorded: North Chelmsford, MA, 2005


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

The multitalented Greg Bendian, who has made a name for himself interpreting the music of John Coltrane and John McLaughlin and playing with such greats as Cecil Taylor and Jan Hammer, is also an inventive writer. This trio album shows it. Bendian is joined by his frequent collaborators bassist John Lockwood and pianist Steve Hunt for an angular display of interplay. They are musicians of the highest skills who know how to manipulate Bendian's compositions. "Ice Blue" is a jigsaw puzzle of a tune. Its collection of oddly shaped riffs and themes must be carefully fitted together. It doesn't help that the pieces are hand cut. Or that you are not allowed to look at the pieces. You must place them by feel. "Ice Blue" has a hundred or so such pieces. The puzzle's complete picture is only revealed at the very end. Even then it looks like a Picasso. And not from his blue period, either.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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