Billy Cobham: Total Eclipse


Total Eclipse


Billy Cobham (drums)


Total Eclipse (Rhino Atlantic)

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Billy Cobham (drums), Randy Brecker (trumpet, flugelhorn), Michael Brecker (flute, sax), John Abercrombie (guitar),

Glenn Ferris (trombones), Milcho Leviev (keyboards), Alex Blake (bass)


Composed by Billy Cobham


Recorded: New York, 1974


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

After the original Mahavishnu Orchestra disbanded, Billy Cobham seemed undecided as to which direction his music was going to take. Spectrum, recorded while still in Mahavishnu, was a balls-out electric fusion set. The follow-up album, Crosswinds, was a tasty collection of more refined numbers dominated by the jazzier sounds of horns. Luckily for Cobham's fans, both directions were pleasing. The first half of "Total Eclipse" definitely fits the mold created by Crosswinds. Conversely, the second half could have been lifted right off Spectrum. A relaxed and enjoyable melody is established by keyboardist Leviev, the Brecker brothers, and trombonist Ferris. The Breckers and Ferris skillfully play off each other as leader Cobham pounds away in the background. A Michael Brecker sax solo leads to a quiet midsection dominated by a low-key Leviev. John Abercrombie's appearance marks an increase in tension. The tune builds into a screeching electric exclamation point. If the first half of the tune was the sun, the second half was the moon.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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