Mitchel Forman: Hand Made


Hand Made


Mitchel Forman (keyboards)


Hand Made (Lipstick Records LIP 8910 2)

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Mitchel Forman (keyboards),

Billy Drewes (sax), Abe Laboriel (bass), Clint De Ganon (drums), Steve Forman (percussion)


Composed by Mitchel Forman


Recorded: Los Angeles, CA, 1993


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

The man just never fails to offer consistently affecting music no matter his role. Whether as a standout sideman for Wayne Shorter or John McLaughlin or as composer or leader of his own projects, Mitchel Forman has excelled at every turn. He can always be counted on to produce music of great quality. To me, Forman is one of the most important jazz pianists of the last 25 years. Many musicians agree with me. Yet he is still woefully underappreciated.

"Hand Made" is yet another example of Forman's wonderful writing skills. It is a languorous ballad full of ingratiating hooks. Forman spends the majority of his time eschewing single-note runs in order to present the deeper meanings of his beautiful chord shadings. Saxophonist Drewes becomes the tune's lead voice. He plays the uplifting melody with the confidence needed when every single breath-filled note is heard in slow motion. The tension of the layered melody builds to minor anthem status before the band gently settles in for a soft landing. Soft is not smooth.

More people need to hear Forman. Can somebody in the movies finally discover him and hire him to write a soundtrack?

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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