Hilde Hefte: Quiet Now


Quiet Now


Hilde Hefte (vocals)


An Evening in Prague (Ponca Jazz Records PJRCD 111)

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Hilde Hefte (vocals),

Nisse Sandstrom (tenor sax), Egil Kapstad (piano), Bjorn Alterhaug (bass), Eyvind Watrien (drums), City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Mario Klemens


Composed by Denny Zeitlin. Arranged by Egil Kapstad


Recorded: Prague, Czech Republic, November 2006


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

There has been a longstanding belief among medical professionals that, if you can get through med school and survive a residency, you are capable of doing anything fly an airplane, write a bestselling novel or even play jazz. Of course, any bona fide jazz musician who has ever been invited to sit in with a "doctors' band" will attest to the fallacy of that notion. One rare exception is critically acclaimed jazz pianist, composer and, yes, psychiatrist Denny Zeitlin, who penned the haunting ballad, "Quiet Now."

Hilde Hefte, one of Norway's national treasures, has teamed with her longtime pianist and arranger Egil Kapstad and the Prague Philharmonic to offer a dreamy, luxurious treatment of what is arguably Dr. Zeitlin's finest composition. As always, Ms. Hefte's relaxed interpretation reveals a musician's sensibility and the wisdom to let the melody speak for itself. Dare I say this could be precisely what the doctor ordered?

Reviewer: Bill Barnes

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