Tony Scott: Is Not All One?


Is Not All One?


Tony Scott (clarinet)


Music for Zen Meditation (Verve 314 521 444)

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Tony Scott (clarinet),

Shinichi Yuize (koto), H?zan Yamamoto (shakuhachi)


Composed by Tony Scott, Shinichi Yuize & H?zan Yamamoto


Recorded: Tokyo, February, 1964


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Some people will tell you that this album represents the birth of New Age music, back in 1964. Or is it a pioneering World Music collaboration between East and West? Or, as I prefer to see it, a forerunner of "Ambient Music" before Brian Eno coined the term? Alas, the jazz world has never taken much interest in this release, even though it represents collective improvisation of a very high order. Of course, the jazz folks have never really come to grips with Tony Scott in any shape or form. Here was a guy who thwarted all their expectations, spending time in all the wrong places to build a jazz career . . . from his early training at Juilliard to his time overseas immersing himself in Asian musical and mystical traditions; from his trips to South American and Africa to his final move to Italy. Another mark against Mr. Scott: he played the clarinet, championing it when almost every other reed player signed up in the camp of Adolphe Sax. Someday the jazz world will achieve blissful Zen enlightenment and figure out that someone this creative and daring should be championed as a hero of the art form. But you don't need to wait for that to happen. You can check out Scott's oeuvre, and this fresh, beautiful recording, right now. Happy satori!

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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