Narcotango: Mejor Asi


Mejor Asi




Narcotango (Tademus 012)

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Carlos Libedinsky (guitar, keyboards, programming of loops and samples),

Patricio Bonfiglio (bandoneón), Federico Terranova (violin), Fernando del Castillo (drums, percussion), Rosanna (vocals)


Composed by Carlos Libedinsky


Recorded: Buenos Aires, March 2002-June 2003


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

Tango continues to evolve in the new millennium, as demonstrated by Carlos Libedinsky's Narcotango, which draws on the rich traditions of the genre while mixing in loops and samples and other digital paraphernalia. Yet the effects are never an end in themselves, and Libedinsky succeeds through an artful combination of diverse elements into a fresh hybrid that both respects the music's heritage while taking it in new directions. He has built a global audience for this music -- half of his CD sales now come outside of Argentina, and Narcotango makes regular overseas tours. Here chill-out ambient sounds cross paths with music for a sensual dance in one of the most intriguing world fusion projects of recent years.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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