David Binney: Out Beyond Ideas


Out Beyond Ideas


David Binney (alto sax)


South (ACT)

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David Binney (alto sax),

Chris Potter (tenor sax), Uri Caine (piano), Adam Rogers (guitar), Scott Colley (bass), Brian Blade (drums)


Composed by David Binney


Recorded: Brooklyn, NY, June 29-30, 2000


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

David Binney was among the initiators of a sound that has more or less become attached to Brooklyn- produced recordings. It is both soft and dense, partly due to a tight bass-and-drums team playing rhythm in a loose, relaxed way. Combining several instruments in simple melodic unisons or in canon, each retaining a distinct sound, creates a thick but not heavy carpet. When a solo instrument emerges, it seems a natural outgrowth of the organic whole. This collective approach, exemplified by "Out Beyond Ideas," brought a whiff of fresh air to modern jazz. But it has by now been so imitated (mostly by students of jazz schools) that we could use a new whiff of fresh air. From Brooklyn or elsewhere.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum


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