Miles Davis: Helen Butte / Mr. Freedom X


Helen Butte / Mr. Freedom X


Miles Davis (trumpet)


On the Corner (Columbia 31906)

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Miles Davis (trumpet), Chick Corea (electric piano), Herbie Hancock (electric piano, synthesizer), Jack DeJohnette (drums), Al Foster (drums), Billy Hart (drums),

Carlos Garnett (tenor sax), Harold Williams (organ, synthesizer), Collin Walcott (electric sitar), David Creamer (electric guitar), Michael Henderson (electric bass), Badal Roy (tabla)


Composed by Miles Davis


Recorded: New York, June 6, 1972


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

Miles Davis reinvented himself with each new group that he led. I hear On the Corner as a distillation of the funk and rock music of the day (Sly Stone, Beatles, etc.) as seen through the lens of a restless experimentalist. For some Miles fans, this was a throwaway album at best, a rude "#$%@ you" at worst. I hear it as a celebration.

Reviewer: Ben Allison (for Desert Island Dozens)

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