Chris Beckers: Shooting Colours


Shooting Colours


Chris Beckers (guitar)


Wild Kingdom (Criscrazz CCR028)

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Chris Beckers (guitar), Billy Cobham (drums),

Jasper Van’t Hof (acoustic piano), Herman Wolters (Rhodes piano), Deff Cramer (synthesizer), Mareel Schimscheimer (bass)


Composed by Chris Beckers


Recorded: Nordhorn, Germany, 1993


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

In the early '80s Dutch guitarist Chris Beckers was looking for a way to have complete control over the creation and distribution of his music. To that end he started Criscrazz Records, which was quite an unusual thing to do back in those days. Over the years he has attracted some of the best jazz and rock musicians to play with him, and has produced for many others. In 1993 he produced and played on the album Wild Kingdom which featured fusion superstar Billy Cobham.

The comparison between the cut "Shooting Colours" and anything the Pat Metheny Group ever did cannot be ignored. Beckers's tone and melodic approach in the introduction are identical to Metheny's. Pianist Van't Hof even sounds like Lyle Mays. And yes, believe it or not, Billy Cobham sounds like Danny Gottlieb. Only bassist Schimscheimer (spell that fast once!) does not come off like his PMG counterpart Mark Egan. But all of this is true only for the first half of the song. From midpoint on, Beckers's tone and attack change drastically. He is his own man. And man, can he play! Cobham performs with the expected Cobham power. The tune catches a fusion wave that takes us for a ride. The Pat Metheny-like moments sound good and serve as a fine jumping-off point for the more original stuff that follows.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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