David Berger Octet: Jeepers Creepers


Jeepers Creepers


Dave Berger Octet


I Had the Craziest Dream: The Music of Harry Warren (Such Sweet Thunder 2006)

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Harry Allen (tenor sax), Joe Temperley (baritone sax),

Matt Hong (reeds), Brian ‘Fletch’ Pareschi (trumpet), Marshall Gilkes (trombone), Isaac ben Ayala (piano), Yasushi Nakamura (bass), Jimmy Madison (drums)


Arranged and conducted by David Berger. Composed by Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer


Recorded: New York, April 5-6, 2008


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

I can't remember the last time I heard such a dance-able big band chart. David Berger's version of "Jeepers Creepers" will get everyone out on the dance floor. But your Charleston skills will be seriously challenged when Harry Allen and Joe Temperley get into their sax battle. These two soloists fly over the changes, but never lose the swing. This piece perfectly captures the jazz ethos of the glory days. I wish my late father, who won many dance contests back in the Swing Era (only to have his disapproving mother throw away the trophies), were still around so I could play this for him. Heck, even grandma might have started snapping her fingers to this track.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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  • 1 Bob Schwartz // Sep 25, 2008 at 02:50 PM
    Thanks so much for the appreciation of what this album is all about. DB and I grew up listening to most of these tunes with no clue who wrote them until, last year, Wilfrid Sheed dedicated his fine book, The House That George Built, to Harry Warren. We wanted this project to be something special. We wound up befriending Bill Sheed, getting insight from Michael Feinstein, and going to LA to meet Harry Warren's family and visit his archives. And I wish my late mother were still around as she used to walk around singing some of these tunes, also with no clue who wrote them. DB did in fact put everything into this one. Bob Schwartz, Executive Producer