Ada Falcón: Yira Yira


Yira Yira


Ada Falcón (vocals)


Tango Ladies (Harlequin 34)

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Ada Falcón (vocals),

with Francisco Canaro and his orchestra


Composed by Enrique Santos Discépolo


Recorded: Buenos Aires, October 1930


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

Ada Falcón led one of those dramatic, surprising lives so typical of the great tango artists. Born in 1905. Falcón began performing on stage at age 11, and made her motion picture debut two years later. But her greatest fame would come in her 20s, when she recorded a series of memorable tango songs. This version of "Yira Yira" was recorded a month before Carlos Gardel entered the studio to make his own famous version. Yet Falcón's spirited rendition stands out as a classic statement of disappointment and despair. "Everything is a lie," the singer declares here. Falcón's life would eventually become pervaded with this same sense of disillusionment. After 1942, la joyita Argentina (or "little Argentine jewel'), as she was known, refused to allow her photo to be taken, and she eventually entered a convent where she led a withdrawn, ascetic life. She lived another six decades after her departure from the entertainment world, but her renunciation of a celebrated past has done little to dim the legend of the emotionally charged performer featured on this track.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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