Aníbal Troilo: Quejas de Bandoneón


Quejas de Bandoneón


Aníbal Troilo (bandoneon)


Quejas de Bandoneón (El Bandoneón EBCD 67)

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Aníbal Troilo (bandoneon).

y su Orquesta Típica. Composed by Juan De Dios Filiberto


Recorded: Buenos Aires, September 27, 1944


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Aníbal Troilo

Troilo was the preeminent bandoneón player of mid-century Argentina. Although he performed with many of the greatest tango singers of the era, his instrumental works rank among his most beloved recordings. Here he demonstrates his incisive bandoneón sound, sharply staccato and slightly anticipating the beat. When Troilo died, his widow gave his bandoneón to Piazzolla, who expressed reluctance to try to make music on the instrument that the master had once played so caressingly. Yet Piazzolla (and others) could not escape so easily the influence of this consummate artist, who was able to balance the sentimentality of the tango with a certain macho energy and assertiveness. This track reflects the intensity of Troilo's musical vision as well as his fastidious care with arrangements and dynamics.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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