Tango Argentina (Original Cast Recording) La Cumparsita


La Cumparsita


Tango Argentina: Original Cast Recording


Tango Argentina

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Original cast recording with a band including José Libertella (bandoneón), Luis Stazo (bandoneón), Lisandro Androver (bandoneón), Mario Abramovich (violin), Eduardo Walczak (violin), Rodolfo Fernández (violin), Juan Schiaffino (violin), Osvaldo Berlingieri (piano), Osvaldo Aulicino (bass), Oscar Rubén Gonzalez (bandoneón, flute), Dino Carlos Quarleri (cello)


Music directed by José Libertella, Luis Stazo and Osvaldo Berlingieri. Composed by Gerardo Matos Rodríguez


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

Broadway is not where one usually hunts out authentic World Music. But the hit 1980s show Tango Argentina stayed true to the traditions of Buenos Aires' great gift to the world, and showed (once again) the fluidity with which the tango adapts to different settings and audiences. Here the directors resurrected perhaps the most famous tango of the early days, Gerardo Matos Rodriguez's "La Cumparsita." The composer sold the rights to this song for a mere twenty pesos (although he later mounted a successful legal battle to secure royalties). In truth, everyone fought over this song, with Uruguayans and Argentines claiming it as their own, and a host of leading tango artists trying to put their stamp on it. You are encouraged to check out versions by Firpo, Gardel, Lamarque and others. The song captures the high drama of tango from the glory days—a power that is not diminished when transferred to a Broadway stage.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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