Ted Heath: Henry IX


Henry IX


Ted Heath and His Music


Ted Heath - At the London Palladium/100th London Palladium Sunday Concert (Vocalion)

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Ted Heath (leader),

Bobby Pratt, Duncan Campbell, Stan Reynolds, Ronnie Hughes (trumpets), Wally Smith, Don Lusher, Jimmy Coombes, Ric Kennedy (trombones), Les Gilbert, Roy Willox (alto saxes), Henry Mackenzie (clarinet, tenor sax), Danny Moss (tenor sax), George Hunter (baritone sax), Frank Horrox (piano), Johnny Hawksworth (bass), Ronnie Verrell (drums)


Composed by Johnny Keating


Recorded: London, February 14, 1954


Rating: 97/100 (learn more)

Ted Heath's Sunday Night London Palladium concerts gave him a chance to introduce new members of the band (vocalists Lita Roza and Dickie Valentine were first heard at these Sunday night bashes), try out new material and play concert music not appropriate for dancing. In particular, these evenings were a way to showcase his soloists, and such musicians as Lusher, Pratt, Horrox, Gilbert and Verrell were regularly featured.

Based on Henry Mackenzie's fabulous solo on his feature "Henry IX," he could go head to head with any of the top American clarinetists active, including Benny Goodman. Mackenzie's gorgeous sound and clean technique combined with a band clearly on fire playing for their diehard fans is an unbeatable combination.

Reviewer: Jeff Sultanof

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