Emilio Solla: Remain Alert


Remain Alert


Emilio Solla (piano, Fender Rhodes)


Conversas (Al Lado Del Agua) (Fresh Sound World Jazz)

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Emilio Solla (piano, Fender Rhodes),

Gorka Benitez (tenor sax, flutes), Carlos Morera (bandoneón), David Gonzales (bass), David Xigu (drums)


Composed by Emilio Solla


Recorded: Girona, Spain, October 2007


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

Argentinean-born Emilio Solla, having grown up abroad and trained classically, now resides in Brooklyn, a mecca for upcoming jazz musicians of many diverse cultural and musical backgrounds. On his wonderfully evocative "Remain Alert," Solla borrows from the tango rhythms of his native country's passionate dance music. His uniquely eclectic but grounded style is strongly influenced by this dance component, as the varied instrumentation of flutes, saxophone, bandoneón and piano all joyfully prance through this tune with lithe synchronicity. With a nod to Astor Piazzolla and his Tango Nuevo style, Solla creates an engaging piece of music, ably assisted by reedman Gorka Benitez and a flowing rhythm section that astutely accents his every move while maintaining a deft pulse. In the liner notes, Solla comments on the genesis of this tune's title, a post-9/11 sign on a New York City subway beckoning us to "Remain Alert." His arrangement cleverly builds the appropriate tension the title evokes, and Xirgu's drum sequence is particularly worthy. The composition never loses its dance feel. As Solla states on his MySpace page, "I tend to be suspect of musicians that don't dance…" Clearly he and his Conversas colleagues have little problem in this area.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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