Franco D'Andrea: Old Jazz


Old Jazz


Franco D'Andrea (piano)


Kick Off (Red Records)

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Franco D'Andrea (piano),

Bruno Tommaso (bass), Roberto Gatto (drums)


Composed by Franco D’Andrea


Recorded: Rome, Italy, April 14, 1988


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

It's hard to find a European musician who's absorbed the history of jazz piano — and jazz at large, for that matter — as thoroughly as Franco D'Andrea. His recent renditions of Ellington's or Monk's works are top-rank recordings, and he has managed to express his own personality both within and outside the boundaries of the classic-to-bop style. One can then understand that the title of this witty tune he penned is partly ironical, as are the quotations of bop clichés that spring here and there from D'Andrea's fingers. These may in fact be the only clues, during a blindfold test, to the fact that this trio is composed entirely of Europeans, all Italian in fact. Actually they have played with so many American musicians residing in or touring through their country that they have learned to speak the standard jazz language without accent. They even often prove more inventive in that idiom than some native speakers, and don't hesitate to foray beyond its borders when they feel restricted by them. Besides, all three are top-level instrumentalists and highly creative improvisers. Who can beat that, on either side of the Atlantic?

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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