Pietro Tonolo & Danilo Rea: Ah, cosa non stato sotto la luna


Ah, cosa non stato sotto la luna


Pietro Tonolo (tenor sax) and Danilo Rea (piano)


Sotto la Luna

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Pietro Tonolo (tenor sax), Danilo Rea (piano).

Composed by Pietro Tonolo & Danilo Rea


Recorded: Perugia, Italy, July 18, 1998


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

They are not well known beyond the borders of their native country (although Tonolo has played with the likes of Gil Evans, Paul Motian and Gil Goldstein, and Rea with Lee Konitz, Chet Baker and Aldo Romano), but Tonolo & Rea are celebrities in Italy. It doesn't take more than a few bars played by this duo to hear why. Where do you find a tenor player with a mellower yet still powerful sound? Where do you find a pianist with such touch and harmonic sensitivity? What's also fascinating is that, as with many other Italian musicians, lyricism seems to come naturally to this pair. They can pen a tune with all the characteristics of a popular Italian melody, such as this track, yet never sound corny when they tackle it, whether playing the theme or improvising countermelodies. That's what one calls good taste. And, even if it also exists in other spheres (cooking, wine, clothes, etc.), you've got a good chance to find it aplenty within a triangle that encompasses Turin, Naples and Venice.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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