Brand X: And So To F


And So To F


Brand X


Product (Virgin)

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Robin Lumley (keyboards, gunfire, chainsaw), John Goodsall (guitar), John Giblin (bass), Phil Collins (drums)


Composed by Phil Collins


Recorded: Ascot, England, April 1979


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Phil Collins and Robin Lumley are back in Brand X for 1979's Product. The band's changing lineups were a product of two things. Collins in particular was a busy guy with his success in the rock group Genesis. So he wasn't always available. The record company also wanted music with more commercial appeal from the band. In a strange way Brand X actually became two bands, or more, by rotating musicians who had an affinity for playing either hard fusion or more accessible material. This album falls mostly into the last mentioned, but does contain some vocals.

"And So To F" is a superior fusion number. A slow jazz-rock anthem introduction is presented. An energetic rolling rhythm and layered background is quickly developed over which Goodsall squeezes out some sustained guitar lines. Somewhat jarringly, and a bit off key, Goodsall presents some power chords. They serve to amp up the proceedings. Collins goes into overdrive. The bassist Giblin gets busy. Goodsall, the dominate voice on the piece, starts cranking out violin-like screeches. The song escapes into oblivion. This is Brand X proving that they deserve a page in the fusion encyclopedia.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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