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Francesco Bearzatti (tenor sax)


Suite for Tina Modotti (Parco Della Musica Records)

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Francesco Bearzatti (tenor sax),

Giovanni Falzone (trumpet), Danilo Gallo (bass), Zeno de Rossi (drums)


Composed by Francesco Bearzatti


Recorded: Udine, Italy, June 4-5 & 27 2007


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

With this quartet, Francesco Bearzatti has arguably reached the peak of his creativity. Still in his 30s, this fiery clarinet and tenor player has had an interesting career as a sidemen in Italy and France. He also led his own organ combo and "Sax Pistols," a loud trio with Stomu Takeishi and Dan Weiss reflecting his interest in Led Zeppelin and Nirvana. But with this consistent suite dedicated to an Italian-born adventuress who died in Mexico during the 1940s, Bearzatti finds not only a theme but also a format. Sound-wise, this quartet could be a rock band as far as power and tightness are concerned. Jazz-wise, they display a variety of attributes that goes back several decades from early New Orleans music to now, a range that can seldom be heard nowadays and their joy in playing and improvising is absolutely breathtaking. Could such a band come from anywhere but Italy? Why not, of course, but since Enrico Rava or Gianluigi Trovesi many musicians from the Peninsula have displayed an ability to feed on any period of jazz history not to imitate but to fuel their own creativity. Bearzatti and his mates are definitely wild improvisers with a vivid past and no fear of the future. May they spread the message as far beyond their native country as possible.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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